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What do our Professional Tree Service Tauranga Include?

For Tree Service Tauranga, we handle every aspect of tree care. From complete tree removal and stump grinding to trimming and caring for your trees, we can do it all. We can even grow new trees for you if that’s what you want.

All you have to do is contact us and we’ll be there to take care of your tree needs.


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Tree Service Tauranga – Tree Removal


Our team’s specialty is tree removal. All except Redwood trees eventually grow old and die, with the exception of Redwood trees, which seem to live forever.

When a tree dies, it must be removed. We can safely remove any size of tree. Whether they’re alive and undesirable or dead and even more terrible, if you want a tree gone, call us. Stump grinding is also available; this prevents you from having an unsightly stump for years to come.

Who wants to trudge along with a stump in their yard that they may trip over? Once the old tree is completely removed, we can plant a new tree in its place or somewhere else in your garden if you like. We also handle unwanted bushes and brush, including oleanders.

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Tree Cutting

Tauranga Arborist Tree Relocation

Do you have a tree that you like but dislike its position? Fortunately, relocating is an alternative. Provided the tree isn’t too huge, let’s face it if we yank a 50-foot tree out by its roots, you’d have a big hole in the middle of the ground.

We can, however, relocate a young or tiny tree to a different area if you don’t want it where it is growing. We may assist if you don’t like where your bushes are currently growing.

Tree Service Tauranga – Shaping, Pruning, and Trimming Trees

We also provide tree trimming, which is an essential service. Dead branches on healthy trees are common. This might be caused by a variety of factors, including a particularly severe winter or an insect infestation. Removing dead branches from your tree will help keep it healthy and resilient for many years to come. Trimming sick or dying limbs can also

Aside from pruning dead branches, we may also provide the necessary trimming to keep a tree healthy. Pruning is the removal of part of a tree’s healthy branches. What are some examples of trees with seemingly good branches that should be removed? Because certain plants, such as fruit trees, produce many tiny branches that spread their nutrients among them,

For those of you with a well-kept yard, the shaping of trees and shrubs is crucial in terms of how it appears. We take pleasure in being able to nicely form your trees to match your demands and preferences. This includes trimming and skinning your palm trees to make them appear neat and attractive.

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Tree Stump removal
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Tree Service Tauranga Care

Tree maintenance is an important aspect of our service. We understand that a tree that is fertilized will grow healthier than one that isn’t, and we’d want to assist you keep your trees as long as feasible. We provide the fertilization choices that will help keep your trees in their best form. We can also fertilize fruit orchards so

Trees require constant care and attention, just like us. We also understand that Tauranga has a lot of insects and pests, which can damage our lovely trees. Trees can be damaged by bugs. As a result, we provide tree and shrub pesticide treatments throughout the year when they are most effective. We may also spray your fruit orchards during

We also provide care for diseased trees. We are a tree doctor in the sense that we deal with sick trees. We will do all we can to revive and return ailing trees to health if they are under duress. We may even stake trees as a last resort if they are in danger of falling or splitting, although we will be the

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